One of the challenges of any business entity is how to instill business continuity in all its processes. At SR Marz, since its inception, fuel supply has been relegated to 3 rd party trader providers. Not only that continuous fuel supply availability is a challenge, it is also affecting the company in terms of how to keep its cost of goods sold in check knowing the various layers that is associated with the set up.


After procuring five (5) lorry tankers which is one of the logistics requirement, the company embarked into accrediting itself with the various fuel depot and storage facilities in Batangas, Bataan and SBMA (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority) including certifying the drivers who will be manning the delivery trucks. As of March 2019, we could now source our fuel supply from Chevron , Unioil Petroleum and SeaOil Philippines Inc. For us to further bolster the supply flexibility and ensure that we will be paying our money’s worth, Marz is now accredited with SBMA and Philippine Coastal. This will make our company more competitive moving forward.


Looking forward for a more vibrant business ahead.

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