What is the MARZ FUEL Reward Card?

The Marz Fuel Hero Card is a loyalty program that gives personalized rewards and incentives to its members. Every gas up will earn points for its members, which they can use in their next purchase of any MARZFUEL product at any designated station.

Who may join the SR-Marz Reward Card?

Membership to the SR-Marz Fuel Reward Card is open to all motorists, as well as associations of public and private vehicles (operators and drivers).



How to Avail Marz Fuel Reward Card?

  1. For Motorcycle and Tricycle Operators, you need to purchase at least Php 500.00 worth of fuel cumulatively.

  2. For vehicle with four wheels and up ( cars, jeepney, trucks), you need to purchase at least Php 1000.00 cumulative receipts of Marz Fuel Products. (diesel, premium or unleaded)



How to Earn Points?

  • Members can earn .25 point for every Php 100 purchase for Marz Fuel Product ( Diesel, Unleaded, Premium )

Gas Up =                                 Php 100.00 = .25 points

To redeem :                             .25 point = .25¢          

  • Always present your card before or during your transaction to earn points.

  • Reward points cannot be earned if the Marz Fuel Reward Card is not presented to the cashier prior to closing the transaction.

  • Marz Fuel reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of points accrued on qualifying purchases at its sole discretion, or to change the mechanics on how reward points are earned.



Marz Fuel Reward Card Points Redemption


  • Marz Fuel Reward Card member must present the card at the time of redemption of any reward and may only be used by the person named on the system.

  • Points may be used to purchase any fuel product of Marz Fuel

  • Each point has an equivalent value of .25¢.

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