We're heading north

             Business opportunities are limitless, but for fuel retail in Calabarzon Area which is the area of concentration of SR Marz Fuel, the prospect for expansion is getting to be a challenge due to the following reasons: 1. Station Density per square kilometer is getting congested 2. Thinner margins due to stiff independent players competition 3. LGU (Local Government Moratorium) restricting additional additional bricks and mortars construction. In view of these, top management headed by our Top Management , CEO Mr. Jericho Sison, COO Engr. Rey Torda and our Business Consultant Mr. Ace David visited North Luzon Expressway office to exchange notes if construction of a mixed use service station could be facilitated given the premise that a lot adjacent to the freeway could be secured by Marz. The plan is to provide the motorist customers, service support not just limited to foods, snacks and refreshment beverages on their way to their destinationsn. Also, factory outlets will also be made accessible to the customers for their last minute shopping convenience. Moreover, health related support facility like emergency clinic will be made available to motorists, to ensure their safe and sound travel. Another add on service that is envisioned by management is to provide a sleeping capsule for long driving mmotorists to ensure their safety.

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